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Eris dating app. Unnamed motherUnnamed daddy (Deceased)Unnamed grandfather

Unnamed motherUnnamed daddy (Deceased)Unnamed grandfather

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Japanese Vocals

English Voice

Eri could be the granddaughter associated with Shie Hassaikai’s employer. [1] She had been additionally one of the keys supply of Kai Chisaki’s procedure to produce A quirk-destroying medication. She’s got been residing at the U.A. dormitories since she ended up being rescued.


Eri is a girl that is small bluish, off-white locks, messy and unkempt, which can be parted in the exact middle of her forehead, nearly reaching right down to her waistline. She’s got extremely wide, innocent-looking eyes, that are vivid red in color. Poking out of the right part of her forehead is a little, brown horn, which grows bigger whenever her Quirk is triggered.

Inside her very first look, she actually is putting on an ordinary, short-sleeved gown, that will be a dirty, pale color that is tan. Bandages are covered around both her legs and arms, stopping at her wrists and ankles, underneath which she’s demonstrated to have many scars.

After she actually is used by U.A., Eri’s ensemble is changed up to a dress that is white having a frilled collar and an ordinary red pinafore with two big, golden buttons on either part of her upper body. Under this, she wears gray tights and a sizable collection of tan boots, and a little dark red messenger bag because of the band sitting over her right neck, and only a little flowery pattern enhancing certainly one of its edges.